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Hogwarts is Love OOC [entries|friends|calendar]
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[March 07, 2007]

[ mood | curious ]

I just wondered if this community was still active.

Someone mail me if it is at beatlesnu2@yahoo.com

or if another one is going on Maeve could join. Real Life got quite a mess. Still is really...LOL> I could use something fun like this.


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Hey [August 25, 2006]

Hey guys, sorry I haven't
been active in...two months, I had some really bad family problems that are just, well I don't really want to talk about them. Anyway I'm here and alive, and would love to plot, or start threading with someone. Later!
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[August 24, 2006]


Mesdames acidroses and lady_of_lies
Purveyors of Aids to Magical Mischief-Makers
are proud to present

- Part One here.

[[An ongoing Marauder fiction project mainly covering the fateful beginnings of the four characters and how each of them would change the others' lives forever.]]

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The all important MODLY post!! [August 21, 2006]

Well, not entirely Modly. Semi Modly...

Ahem. A few matters to discuss with you fine folk:

1) I've noticed a sort of reduced activity of late and I'm hypothesizing that this is due to the lack of calendar. All of you are probably scrambling to find out what day it is and lost on your quest you give up and cry in a corner et al. Be at peace, children! I come with a great gift. I name it - the August/September calendar!

And here it be...Collapse )

2) My characters are in dire need of attention and love. And you young minds are incessantly searching for quality education! Fear not. For I have catwitch lessons for all -
a)Fourth Year
b)Fifth Year
c) And I'll have seventh year lessons posted by the end of the day. Watch that space.
[also, should I do sixth year lessons? How many sixth year characters have we?]

Remus is also flitting about in need of company and conversation (and chocolate sharing):
For James/Sirius- Here.
For ALL [I'd really love to play with people I haven't played with in a while....]- Here.

3) Also, please note that the Hallways/Miscellany thread and the Grounds thread are now friends only so you'll have to log in to post in there. You can play in there up until day change this coming Sunday after which I'll open up a new thread since those two are getting very full.

Pimping behind the cutCollapse )
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Tears [August 20, 2006]

[ mood | blah ]

I hate to say it, but I'm going to have to leave you all... it's been loads of fun, and I'm sorry I can't stay longer, but I can't leave you all waiting for me to show up if I have no intention of playing - it's just not fair of me. I enjoyed RPing with everyone here, but if I'm not on LotR Plaza roleplaying, I'm at

[Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<lj-user="the_mayhem_days">') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]

I hate to say it, but I'm going to have to leave you all... it's been loads of fun, and I'm sorry I can't stay longer, but I can't leave you all waiting for me to show up if I have no intention of playing - it's just not fair of me. I enjoyed RPing with everyone here, but if I'm not on LotR Plaza roleplaying, I'm at <lj-user="the_mayhem_days"> which is Morgan's community that we're both getting up and running. That, and I don't have as much internet time nowadays. This place isn't as busy as it used to be and I'm sorry to be a contributer to that...

Rachel, I'm sorry we won't get to take Celeste and Severus where we wanted to go. Michael didn't interact with many people but Calleo - Oh, how I will miss those entertaining conversations. =P

I bid you all adieu, and I go with fond memories. Au revoir!

-Karissa / Michael / Sinistra
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Hello? [August 14, 2006]

I just finished up with Lumos and very painful bankruptcy exam. I have a week break and then am in my last semester of law school so I will need something to keep me sane. It seems like the game has been a bit dead, but I am up for plotting. Lily? James? Sirius? Moony? Anyone else?
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I am quite alive...*checks self* [August 13, 2006]

[ mood | guilty ]

Yes, I am.

Sorry I have not been active. RL has been kicking my arse, hard. I've been babysitting for my parents, among other things.

I will be on more though now, I promise. I probably won't be on much this coming up weekend as we have family coming in.

I'm going to post Sirius and Rosalie somewhere in the RPG. And reply to some long lost posts...*sighs*

And also, my new e-mail that I'm using is rabbie20.sarah [@] gmail.com. So send anything you need to there please as I don't check my hotmail as often.

Ment to tell you all that ages ago, I swear I seem to get more, and more forgetful everyday...*sighs*

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Vacation's where I wanna be! [August 08, 2006]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hey folks! Sorry I've been MIA - crazy stuff goin' down in RL, but it's settled down. For the most part. Anyway, this is a note to tell you that I'm not QUITE back yet... I'm leaving for Myrtle Beach tonight, and I won't be back til the 17th. =)

I beg for somebody to catch me up when I get back! Thanks! Feel free to drop a line at my email, darkelvenqueen13@yahoo.com. I'd be very grateful. ^__^


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Hoping this won't get me chucked in RPERS_who_suck... :/ [August 06, 2006]

[ mood | numb ]

K, guys.

Hi. So, sorry I've been MIA for a bit, but a lot of crazy shit's been happening in RL, so I'm going to be MIA for even longer. So I've discussed it with Remus's player and decided that to give you guys a plot jump, I'm taking Heather back home to her family and eventually chucking her in St Mungos for something. I'm sorry if it sounds a bit drastic but I'm not sure what's going on, plot-wise.

So have fun with that, it's been awesome RPing here, and I'll hopefully see you guys in a bit!

Love, me.

PS. If I'm on AIM, it's probably for study purposes, so if I don't IM you first, I'm probably not there :)

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[August 02, 2006]

Brand spankin' new layout over @ englandislove. The header is contributed by our own Emily/Betty lodon_twilight. I think it looks awesome. Great job, Betty!
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[July 31, 2006]

[ mood | sick ]

So I've posted Rosalie over here if anyone wants to play with her.

I'll probably post Sirius on the grounds or something later.

If anyone would like to do any plotting with either one of them, just let me know!

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New email [July 31, 2006]

Also I am now using the email addy rachael@snapecast.com.
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Back from Lumos with a plot idea [July 31, 2006]

I am back from Lumos and heard a really nifty little plot idea that I would like to use for the Snape's Worst Memory Scene. Fortunately, everything we have done thus far is compliant with it. James, Lily, Remus, and Sirius are involved.

I also want to postpone the Whomping Willow incident until Year 6. We can stick with the same idea, but just do it "next year" if we are still going.
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Posting! [July 31, 2006]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Really bored and hey! RPG!

Ya know ya wanna plaaay...please?

I've posted Bri here: Hurtmuch

And Charlotte here!

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[July 31, 2006]

Hey everybody, I'm sorry for not being around much lately, but it's been graduation, and hell, I haven't seen that many parties in a long while... Err, anyway, what I wanted to say is that I'm on a hiatus for the next two weeks, as I'm off to Italy to enjoy the holidays :)

Until then
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[July 31, 2006]

[ mood | blank ]

I have been gone awhile. If any action starts happening, or if anyone wants to RP with Maeve let me know.

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apologies [July 29, 2006]

[ mood | tired ]

Whew! I am sooo sorry for my unexplained absence... I just finished up a show on top of two weeks of showchoir camp, so I had a major time crunch. Show's over and showchoir practices are back to Mondays only, so I should be around a lot more. ^__^

If anybody is even still interested in doing lessons, comment please. This includes other professors because I feel really really backwards being the only one having class. ^.^;;

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Lumos Hiatus [July 25, 2006]

I am taking off for Lumos tomorrow morning so will be gone for a bit. I know I haven't been very active lately, but I will pick up in August. Summer school is a bitch.
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plotting anyone? [July 24, 2006]

Just wondering if anybody wanted to started plotting some threads, or some longterm events with Lily.

thanks! I'm off for some much needed chocolate ;)
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[July 14, 2006]

Alrighty, the party is going on over here. It is a free for all...as far as I know...

And I have a thought, I think that everyone should, at every opportunity, steal Sirius' drink. Yes, you all should.

Alright, now back to the mayhem. Woohoo!
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